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Advanced transaction protection
for sensitive data transfers

Comarch tPro Solution

Comarch tPro is a family of unique tokens that store cryptographic keys and certificates used for both user’s authentication and authorization of sensitive data transfers through a dedicated secure communication channel.

Comarch tPro is a comprehensive cyber security solution encrypting the two-way communication between the user’s device (PC or a mobile device) and a trusted server (e.g. an internet banking service server). Implementing the most advanced cryptographic methods, Comarch tPro ensures that no passwords, PIN codes or bank account details can be hacked.

The solution can be easily implemented in every server-based security infrastructure.

Comarch tPro is a part of the end-to-end cyber security solution for IT systems created by Comarch Technologies.

Comarch tPro solution


Protects against:
man-in-the-middle attacks Yes Yes No No No
man-in-the-browser attacks Yes Yes No No No
keylogger attacks Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
frauds using remote desktop access Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
phishing Yes Yes No No No
Main mechanism:
Cryptographic transaction signing Yes Yes Yes No No
Independent communication channel Yes Yes No No No
Transaction authorization Yes Yes No No Yes
Generates password No No No Yes Yes
Dimensions (mm) 104 x 61 x 15 104 x 68 x 7 61 x 23 x 10 61 x 23 x 10 NA
Weight (g) 65 42 10 10 NA
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Comarch tPro Distribution Program

Comarch tPro Partnership Program

For all distributors, resellers and system integrators interested in reselling Comarch tPro devices on local markets, we offer free access to:

  • Special pricing and sales lead protection
  • Trainings for technical and sales teams
  • Label and color customization
  • Technical support in English language
  • Visibility on Comarch website

For more information about the Comarch tPro Program and its benefits, contact us!

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